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to Grow Your Business, Reward Your Employees,
and Improve Your Bottom Line!

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What is Barter West?

Barter West is a secure platform that allows businesses to trade goods, services, travel, and advertising with one another to get what they need to lower their bottom line and expand their business.

Our sole mission is to serve businesses, large and small. The birth of Barter West came out of the multitude of struggles impacting businesses during the Covid Pandemic. Our goal is for your to survive, stay in business, conserve your cash, and continue to thrive and expand. Just us today!

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How does it work?

Why join a barter exchange?

Gain New Customers

Attract new customers through the Barter West membership and word of mouth, AND get featured on Barter West's social media.

Conserve Your Cash

When you spend your trade dollars on your needs instead of cash, you free up cash for expansion, or investment into your employees.

Get What You Need

Transfer some of your current expenses to barter within the membership. Get additional needs met and wish list items through trade.

Reward Your Team

Barter allows you to provide flexible benefits with more variety - everything from health appointments to vacations!